About our food

Our packages are designed to create healthy routines, boost your immune system, improve your digestion, and help you enjoy a wider range of seasonal veggies. Food is always organic, gluten & dairy-free, made with no refined sugars and non- GMO ingredients. Food that you can trust! Menu options change weekly and seasonally. We serve San Francisco Bay Area.

Our packaging

We are committed to using natural resources wisely and have a zero-waste goal. All of our meals are delivered in Pyrex containers to avoid extra toxic plastic ending up in landfills. There is a one-time non-refundable deposit of $60 on reusable glass dishes for the nourishing packages and $100 for the private chef packages.

Plentiful Kitchen offers ready-to-eat, delicious & nourishing meals – Join the Plentiful Kitchen Movement and get ready-to-eat, health-promoting food that everyone will enjoy!

No commitment. Skip or cancel anytime!

Nourishing Basic

1-2 People

3 Meals per Week: 3 Mains + 3 Sides

Fermented Vegetables

$260 / Week

Nourishing Premium

3-4 People

3 Meals per Week: 3 Mains + 3 Sides

Fermented Vegetables

$360 / Week

Private Chef


3 Meals / Week

Mains & Sides

Fermented Vegetables

Starting at $450 / Week


What is the difference between the three packages?

You can choose between our signature organic meal delivery programs with the option to do a one-week trial program or a recurring subscription program.The Nourishing Basic is perfect for 1-2 adults. The Nourishing Premium can feed up to 4 adults, so families with young children will have extra for hungry parents or a little leftover for lunch the next day. Private chef package can feed up to 5-6 adults and is customized to the client’s need and preference. For more info contact Inbal@myplentifulkitchen.com

How do Plentiful Kitchen subscriptions work (lets talk about that).

Because we know that the most life-changing results occur when you eat nutrient-dense food the majority of the time, a Plentiful Kitchen subscription ensures you never have to miss a single week of clean, wholesome meals – they will automatically renew each week without having to place an order!

You will have the option to choose your meals, and if you forget we can choose them for you.

While you cannot cancel your first week, there is absolutely no commitment beyond that, and you can manage your subscription calendar, including skipping weeks, to best fit your schedule. All changes must be made by Saturday at 8pm PST for your program the following week. 

Do you accommodate specific diets or allergies?

Our meals are always organic, gluten and dairy free. If you have any other diet restrictions please get in touch and we’ll answer any question you have: inbal@myplentifulkitchen.com

What’s included in each delivery:

Meals are nutrient-dense and designed to help you enjoy a wider range of seasonal veggies, boost your immune system, and really just stock your fridge with delicious ready-to-eat meals!

Our Nourishing packages include 3 mains + 3 sides and extras like fermented vegetables and desserts.

Can I select the meals?

Yes! New menus will be posted directly to the website.