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Eat Better, Feel Better, Live Better

Plentiful Kitchen makes food as medicine simple with fully-prepared meals delivered to your door.

Our Freshly Prepared Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Meals Are Crafted Weekly with Organic Ingredients, Ensuring Both Quality and Taste in Every Dish.


Plentiful Kitchen brings to your table a delightful variety of healthy, organic meals, each thoughtfully designed to cater to gluten-free and dairy-free diets. Our menus, brimming with seasonal inspiration, offer diverse culinary adventures for everyone – from the health-conscious individual to the vegan enthusiast.

Perfect for busy lifestyles, our service is ideal whether you’re nourishing yourself, your family, or gifting a loved one. Experience the ease of enjoying high-quality meals, effortlessly reheatable, to fit seamlessly into your weekly schedule.

Why Plentiful Kitchen?

Nutrient-Rich Menus: Each week brings new flavors, inspired by seasonal produce and your dietary needs.
Sustainably Sourced Ingredients: We prioritize pastured, sustainable proteins and organic produce.
Anti-inflammatory: Our meals are lovingly prepared with anti-inflammatory oils such as avocado, coconut, and olive oil.
Eco-Friendly Packaging: Our meals come in reusable and recyclable containers.
Convenient and Quick: Fully cooked meals ready in minutes, perfect for your busy lifestyle.
Allergy-Friendly: No gluten, dairy, or refined sugars. Just pure, wholesome goodness.
Diverse Selection: Each week, choose from 3 mains, 3 sides, and 3 bonus items, all crafted for flavor and health.
Health-Centered Cooking: Prepared using only stainless steel cookware and filtered water; All legumes and beans are pre-soaked for optimal digestive health.
Appealing to All: Not just for health enthusiasts but also for the busy professional seeking quality and taste.

Our Packages

If you’re searching for a convenient and stress-free way to follow a healthy gluten-free diet, consider using Plentiful Kitchen. You’ll enjoy delicious, gluten-free meals delivered right to your door so that you can focus on staying fit and well without worrying about what to eat.


Family Feast (3-4 people)


Savor (1-2 people)


Postpartum Support (3-4 people)


Postpartum Support (1-2 people)

Who Benefits From Our Meal Delivery?

  • Health-Conscious Individuals: Embrace a healthier diet with ease.
  • Busy Professionals: Save time without sacrificing nutrition.
  • Active Families: Nutritious options everyone will love.
  • New Mothers: Find postpartum nourishment and support.
  • Celiac & Lactose Intolerance: Enjoy worry-free meals tailored to your needs.
  • Recovery Support: Ideal for those in post-surgery or medical recovery.
  • Gift of Health: Show care with our gift cards. [Gift a Meal]
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