I am Inbal, a health-focused chef and the creator of Plentiful Kitchen.

In my role as a holistic chef I prepare foods using nutrient dense, wholesome ingredients that are designed to boost your immune system, support your gut, clear your skin, help you shed extra weight.

I have a deep appreciation for natural foods. In my experience, food is medicine. What we eat has the potential to harm us or heal us. But, not so long ago I was a sugar junkie.

The deep appreciation I have for natural foods and their healing power led me to create Plentiful Kitchen.

From Sugar Junkie…

Not long ago, I was a sugar junkie on a steady diet of pizza and pasta. I also had ten extra pounds that I simply couldn’t shake. The bloating, constipation and low energy I simply chalked-off as a normal part of life. By doctors’ standards I was “healthy,” even though I didn’t feel that way.

I didn’t know it at the time, but the root cause of my symptoms was a leaky gut, raging Candida overgrowth, and worsening thyroid and adrenal imbalance. Five years later, my whole system collapsed. I was in pain, weak and depleted. I couldn’t sleep or digest anything.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. At that moment in my life, there was nothing I wanted more than to feel good again. I didn’t find the answer at the doctor’s office, so I decided to take responsibility for my own health, and that’s when my journey toward healing and culinary medicine began.

…to Natural Foods Aficionado

After a few years of reinventing my relationship with food I began to see profound changes. For the first time in my life I experienced stable, high levels of energy that lasted all day. Poor digestion was no longer an issue, and, each night I was enjoying deep, reinvigorating sleep. Plus, I was finally able to burn off those pesky ten pounds of fat, which further boosted my confidence.

My newfound vitality also awakened intangible gifts such as a profound sense of joy, enthusiasm, and inner peace, no matter the circumstances. I acted upon an inextinguishable spark of inspiration, and it completely transformed my life.

The only way I can express my gratitude for this gift is to pass it on. Through Plentiful Kitchen, my goal is to help others tastefully enjoy the journey of healing, while thriving and feeling empowered.